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Never Paddle Boarded Before?

We love when it’s you and your dog’s first time doing something like this together! Don’t worry; the lesson includes basics, terminology, and technique of how to Stand Up Paddle board before focusing on your dog. Take as much time as you need. The Launch is a sandy beach located right behind the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, and our instructors are there to help you both face your fears and learn to love something new. The best part is; you get to do it with your best friend!

Your Dog Doesn’t Like Water?

No problem! Neither does Captain Dingo Jack, (the Sup Pup King.) A healthy aversion to water actually helps keep your pup on the board where it’s safe to sniff and cuddle with you where it’s dry. It’s a much better environment to help your pup build a relationship with the water without feeling pressured or scared. They’re with you! The fact that they are on something safe in the middle of the water means they are typically thrilled to stay still and right by your side; (or on the tip of the nose like Jack!) They learn to relax, enjoy the ride, and have fun!

Don’t Know What To Wear?

You should wear whatever you are comfortable in. Some sport a bathing suit, while some wear active clothes such as shorts and a t-shirt. If it is a little colder outside; wearing leggings or a light zip up is good to help increase your heart rate! Wearing a wetsuit is unnecessary and can restrict movement, so they are not recommended. SUP Pup instructors love to wear a water resistant shell jacket so when your pup SHAKES you’re not soaking wet. Bare feet provide balance on the board because your toes will help you grip and better sense the waves beneath you.  

Is There An Age Limit For Pups?

Nope! We have taught dogs as young as 3 months old, all the way up to 18 years old! Older dogs can benefit from Paddle Boarding as a form of physical therapy; working on gentle stability and encouraging them to work their legs/hips/back. If your pup needs a break, that’s okay too! There is plenty of room to lay down and stretch out. If your pup likes the water, we encourage them to follow you on your paddle board. The cold water is great for aging joints and the relaxed resistance of swimming is much easier exercise than running on land. Inversely, if your dog is very young; it is a perfect way to introduce them to the water. Paddle boarding is also great for building trust with you in an enclosed space where you can rest easy, knowing they can’t get far. 

Pup Isn’t The Best Swimmer? 

Every pup gets their very own life jacket! They can work on the tempo between their back and front legs without having to worry about keeping their noses above water. Instructors are always standing by to make sure they’re safe.

Does your dog have behavioral issues?

We accept every dog regardless of disposition; (aggression, fear, separation anxiety, you name it.) Our instructors are well versed in dog behavior and are patient and understanding if your pup needs a little extra help. We will take your lead! SUP is about building confidence and we work on making your dog more comfortable with you and around others in a controlled environment. If your dog has separation anxiety, bring your partner or a friend to help your pup understand that it’s okay to separate from their human as long as they are in eyeshot. Aggressive dogs can rest easy knowing the only person in their area is you. It's a wonderful way to get them outside and moving without the threat of outside interference from other people or animals. Fearful dogs gain confidence and assurance from your presence and the thrill of a new activity!

Do you have to stand up?

Here at SUP pups; we don’t use the word STAND when referring to Paddle Boarding. You can sit, kneel, lay, whatever you feel most comfortable doing. We provide you with the most stable individual paddle boards in the industry. They can hold up to 500lbs without uncomfortable wobbling or tipping. You won't fall off! So if you decide to stand, your instructor can hold the board to stabilize you in order to get a good feel of the board so you can be confident if you decide to try on your own. This lesson is about YOU, we only require you to have fun.  

Can you bring someone?

The more the merrier! Every lesson is private so the only people in the lesson is who you decide to bring. When you sign up just list how many humans and how many dogs. We will take care of the rest!


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