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Meet the Team

Meet the SUP Pups Team

Meet Jack! The whole reason SUP Pups started.

Jack is a 14-year-old rescue from Samantha’s hometown in Arizona. He came into her life when he rescued her while in college back in 2011. Jack is a chow-chow mix who absolutely loves to soak up the sun outside and cruise the waterways. The chilliest guy you will ever meet, he loves to fish, hunt for lizards, and get belly scratches. 

We must thank Jack for the creation of SUP Pups. When Samantha moved to San Diego and started to work as a paddle board instructor with San Diego Bay Adventures, Jack wanted to join her one day and that is where the idea came from! Samantha saw how much Jack loved to be on the water with her, jumping off occasionally to chase birds and fish for stingrays in the shallow waters. Together they wanted to share their passion with others and help everyone else fall in love with paddle boarding with their dogs!

Meet Samantha - Founder, Owner and Instructor of SUP Pups

When I was a little girl I was blessed with a childhood of going to the lake every weekend in the summer in Arizona, being on the water gave me this amazing feeling of serenity. Growing up I also had this deep love for animals, especially dogs. Then after graduating college I knew I had to move closer to the water, I was always drawn to San Diego, visiting Campland by the Bay every year growing up with my family.

Once I moved to California with my rescue dog Jack in 2013, the hunt for a job on the water began. San Diego Bay Adventures on Harbor Island gave me the opportunity to learn all about Water Sports Tourism, I was in my element. Then on my off day, I took out Jack on a paddle board and we instantly fell in love. The idea of SUP Pups was born and I finally felt like I had a purpose on earth, to give people the opportunity to find serenity on the water with their dog like I did with Jack.

Now 11 years later, SUP Pups has developed into a successful career once partnering up with West Coast Paddle Sports. Taking out thousands of dogs and their owners, seeing their eyes light up with this new found passion.

Lead Instructor Jamie

I have been paddle boarding since 2011. Growing up I always wanted a dog, so as soon as I was able to, I got myself a pup! Calvin is my little wing man and he’s been paddling with me since 2016. When I’m out doing lessons I can’t help but smile; being surrounded by water and so many brave and bada** dogs. I just absolutely love being able to help other humans and their pups get out on the water. Can’t wait to see you out there! Remember: “fill your life with adventures, not things.”

Started with SUP Pups in Summer 2021

Instructor Andrene

Paddle boarding, dogs, and teaching are three of my primary passions. I am honored to be able to share all three of these loves with you and others at SUP Pups! Between the months of August - June, I am an English teacher at a local high school. My classroom philosophy; “always be kinder than necessary for everyone is fighting some kind of battle” translates from the classroom, to life, to paddling, and beyond. I look forward to seeing you on the water & introducing you and your pup to an awesome activity/hobby that the two of you can enjoy together!

Started with SUP Pups in Summer of 2022

Instructor Sarah

Growing up in the PNW, I would spend most of the year patiently waiting for summer to return, so that I could get back out on my paddle board. Having recently moved to San Diego, I’m absolutely delighted to be able to paddle board year round! Add a furry friend to the mix and life truly can’t get much better than that! I can’t wait to share my love for paddle boarding and dogs with you and yours!

Started with SUP Pups August 2023