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Save yourself, if you have an Inflatable SUP you need this Electric Pump in your life

Save yourself, if you have an Inflatable SUP you need this Electric Pump in your life

Save yourself, if you have an Inflatable SUP you need this Electric Pump in your life

I have had this high-pressure SUP Air Pump for almost 2 years from Amazon to inflate my large inflatable paddle boards. I love the dual action feature! First you can set you PSI to what it states around the valve and simply walk away. Once it hits the set number the machine will stop. Make sure to keep your engine on in case so you do not loose battery in your car. (Happened to me one, car didn't start :/ Then when you are coming back after your paddle you can twitch the valve to the deflate opening and watch it just shrink away.  


This pump that I recommend is the a 12V DC Car Connector and can be used for paddle boards, boats, tens and kayaks. 


** HUGE Tip. When inflating the paddle board with any electric pump, when it gets about 60% done it will instantly make a larger noise but that does not mean it is done. Let it keep going until it reaches the set PSI. 


The benefits of having an electric pump vs. the manual ones they come with. 


Efficiency and Convenience: 

With an electric pump, inflating your paddle board becomes a quick and effortless task. This means less time spent setting up and more time enjoying the water with your furry companion. Instead of struggling with manual inflation methods, you can simply plug in the pump, press a button, and watch your board inflate within minutes, allowing you to get on the water faster and make the most of your time outdoors.


Comfort for You and Your Dog: 

Paddle boarding with your dog is a wonderful bonding experience, but it's important to ensure both you and your pet are comfortable throughout the adventure. An electric pump allows you to achieve the optimal inflation level for your board, providing a stable and supportive platform for you and your furry friend to enjoy. Say goodbye to uneven inflation and hello to a smooth and comfortable paddling experience for both of you.


Versatility in Paddling Locations: 

Whether you're exploring calm lakes, gentle rivers, or serene coastal waters, an electric pump enables you to paddle in a variety of locations with ease. Its portability and convenience make it simple to transport your paddle board to different spots, allowing you and your dog to discover new adventures together. With an electric pump by your side, the possibilities for paddling exploration are endless.


Safety and Peace of Mind:

 Proper inflation is crucial for a safe and enjoyable paddle boarding experience, especially when you have your dog with you. An electric pump ensures consistent and reliable inflation, reducing the risk of air leaks or under-inflation that could compromise your safety on the water. By investing in an electric pump, you can paddle with confidence, knowing that your board is properly inflated and ready for any aquatic escapade with your canine companion.